How can we copy that luxurious and caressing feeling that we remember so well ?
This article will review to copy the world of luxury towels and answer the question ;
COMFORT CLASS we produced is a premium segmentation.

What are the parameters that will help you choose a comfort towels
1) Price is, of course , an important parameter. You pay quality.Therefore you have to pay more than you would for the average towels.
2) Density :comfort quality towels woven a system which has long ,dense loops on both sides. This increases the surface area and the absorbency ability of comfort towels.Look carefully at the comfort towel and you see there are no defects, such as loops or cotton balls.
3) Towel color : Comfort towels never fade in the wash.But please follow up our warning letter about ” 11 Most Frequent Faults When Washing Laundry”
4) Towel material : The towel material plays an import role .
Quality towels are made of high-quality and long cotton fibers, 100% combed cotton .

When you come to choose premium towels ,it is important to touch and feel them , but that is not enough .If it is not premium quality towel ,washing it once or twice will make it hard and rough.High-quality premium towels have no need for the softening material .

Have a pleasant bath !