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When it comes time to give a gift , we offer perfect choices for showing them how thankful you are



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>Mix and match to revitalize your space with modern designs with ancients Turkish culture and colors that complement your unique style.


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Made of turkish cotton threads to ensure strength and durability.
Dries quickly.
High absorbent.


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Have a look at Our Selection of Economy Quality Hotel Towels

Our economy hotel towels provide a soft feel at an affordable price. Reliable and dependable, these towels will be there when your guests need them, whether they’re at the health club, gym, pool, or at your budget-friendly hotel. Stock up on our selection of economy quality products, including bath mats, bath towels, hand towels, pool towels, and washcloths. Since all of these towels are a great value, you can stock up and always have a good supply of towels on hand.

Looking to stock up and save on gym towels? These economy quality towels are the perfect choice. We offer a few different types of towel materials, including 100% cotton and cotton/ polyester blends. 100% cotton towels are generally softer than cotton blended fabrics, and cotton/polyester towels are easy to maintain and durable for frequent use.


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Beach towels, unlike regular bath towels have special features that make your trip to the beach more convenient. Along with helping you to stake your claim to a small pieces of sandy real estate, you also expect your beach towels to do more for you.

These include drying you completely after a dip in the water, wrapping around you fully when you want some semblance of privacy and shielding you from the sun when its rays become too intense for comfort. In general, you usually want more from a beach towel that you do from your regular bath towels.



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First of all, we need to say that it is much more than other textiles.The reason is that every boat has a different world,so you need to deal with them one by one.

Made of double-ply cotton threads to ensure strength and durability
Our plush towels make you feel even more drying.


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We have been producing and exporting hotel & home textile products over 20 years to 50 different countries in the world.
We are located at the heart of the textile manufacturing in Denizli / Turkey which has been a textile capital for over 4.000 years.


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Since 1998 , we have been a producer ,designer and quality controller, based in the historical textile town of Denizli . And our quality standarts are certified with ISO 9001 , BSCI , OEKOTEX .


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A peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel used in the Turkish baths which comes from deep cultural tradition.
The traditional flat-woven towel used in the legendary Turkish bath.

Famous for its absorbency and softness, it is perfectly suited for everyday use. It is hand-loomed of 100% Turkish linen with hand-tied fringe.

Discover and try this charming and light weight towel.Amazing families still producing peshtemals as they were generations before.


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Personalized towels  and any textile products make great gifts and giveaways .
It means that specially designed and manufactured. The reason that makes these products special is due to quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship used in production.