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Denizli has been the textile capital for 5000 years. It is not a coincidence that Denizli has became a brand worldwide, especially with the high quality cotton grown in the Aegean region, where Denizli is the second biggest city. 

Evteks owes its top spot to the harmonization of the textile tradition that is written in the genes of the people in the region, coupled with cutting edge technology, and a wide visioned perspective.

At Evteks, while processing cotton into a towel, bathrobe, or bedlinen, we have the privilege of being in a region filled with vast experience gained from centuries of textile traditions.


Evteks Textile Limited has been providing 100% export services in Denizli since 1998. We specialise in high quality, fast manufacturing, designing and Quality Control. Our company, which is certified with ISO 9001, conducts export operations in 5 continents to over 50 countries.

The Formula of this success is a result of our experienced and well equipped staff combined with ever advancing technologies as well as our creative, motivational spirit that emerges as the result. By turning our focus not only to the regional area, but also to the world itself, we have reached regions from Greece to the USA, and from Israel to China, and we made the Turkish towels a product that is chosen by whole world.


Apart from basic elemental products like towels that are being used in bathrooms worldwide with care, we have bathrobes that are even chosen for collection purposes, and linens which are wonders of design. We also present innovative products such as insect repelling picnic mats and linens that contain Aloe Vera.

With functionality and comfort oriented sport textile lines, high technical levels are the main element of our R&D activities, which is developed jointly with Universities to continue our contribution to the dynamism of life. Just like the sports area, in our ever-innovative cosmetics sector, we design and manufacture many different products such as towels, bathrobes, headbands, facial towels, bathing caps, etc for some of the most prestigious brands according to specific needs and requirements.

SPA / Wellness industry, without a doubt, is one of the branches where our company accumulated most of our experience. SPA’s are quite common in the center of natural and health springs, and in the Aegean region. Thanks to the years of detailed studies we conducted on textile products such as towels, bathrobes, linens, covers etc. we now have the knowledge and experience to meet every technical requirement. We are conducting our manufacturing activies for SPA’s with suitable colors and designs in complaince with their own specific requests.

Just like the organic health items, the hospitality branch is a broad area of production of Evteks. Hotel textiles are one of the strongest and asserted areas of Evteks. On the other hand, in hair salons where both comfort and life cycles are simultaneously high in demand, we can supply every kind of textile product; from 100% cotton to 100% polyester.

We are also effective on colorful and different product manufacturing. We can produce apparel such as T shirts and alike and we can apply any kind of fabric in every demanded color with printed and embroidery versions rapidly and in large quantities. You just describe what suits your tastes best and leav